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AFRINIC Honours Staff

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AFRINIC Staff Award Ceremony 2019

AFRINIC today awarded 28 of its employees with long service awards in a ceremony held at its headquarters in Mauritius. The awards were aimed at celebrating the AFRINIC Team and to acknowledge the hard work and commitment they have invested in the organisation.


Mr Patrisse Deesse, AFRINIC’s Interim CEO, praised the staff for their commitment to the organisation and indicated that the event would be held every year to honour staff whose work is critical to the success of the company.


"This is an important ceremony to thank our dedicated staff. Sometimes we do not do it often enough. From now onwards, and every year, we shall recognise our staff for their service."


Duksh KoonjoobeeharryAmong those awarded include Ernest Byaruhanga and Duksh Koonjoobeeharry who are the longest-serving members of staff having worked for the organisation for 15 and 11 years respectively.


The other staff recognised include:

  • Mukom Tamon
  • Christelle Robette
  • Madhvi Gokool
  • Amreesh Phokeer
  • Ashil Oogarah
  • Patrisse Deesse
  • Yogesh Chadee
  • Marie Salveena Larche
  • Brice Abba
  • Arthur N'Guessan
  • Emma Perrier
  • Avinash Keerodhur
  • Loganaden Velvindron
  • Guylaine Laiyra
  • Avinash Bajnath
  • Nirmal Manic
  • Simon Seruyinda
  • Michel Odou
  • Keessun Fokeerah
  • James Chirwa
  • Ganessen Gurunaden
  • Yavisht Toolseeya
  • Karen Vythelingum
  • David Njuki
  • Cedrick Mbeyet
  • Abiade Dosunmu.





Photos of the award ceremony are available here