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How does AFRINIC handle my request?

1. About AFRINIC's Ticketing system

AFRINIC uses a ticketing system to provide service support to its members and community. All Customer requests are collected from a wide range of sources and managed them in one central location, the AFRINIC Ticketing system.

The Registration Services(RS team) provides support on Internet Number Resource Management, IRR , whois database on several ticket queues. This document explains as to what actually happens when an AFRINIC member(community, resource member etc)  reaches out to AFRINIC Registration Team.


2. Important notes

In order to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations, AFRINIC  has the following recommendations:-

  1. Always consult the FAQs documented on the AFRINIC website, the answer to your query might have already been addressed at
  2. Ensure that the correct email addresses are used when you contact us considering the different ticket queues we have for the services that we offer. For more details on our contact information, consult Once you have emailed us, you must receive an automated response with a ticket Number in the subject line.
  3. Always Maintain the same subject line of your email to avoid duplicate tickets creation. If the subject line is changed, a new ticket would be generated instead of updating the existing one and this may delay the resolution of your ticket
  4. Our regular business hours are 9 am to 5.30 pm (UTC +4) Monday to Friday except on public holidays (You may consult the list of Public Holidays at consult
  5. We aim to respond within the service level defined in the AFRINIC Service Level Commitment (SLC)
  6. Always wait for an AFRINIC staff to respond to your ticket. Sending regular follow-up emails will adversely affect the ticket's age. The ticket will be automatically pushed down the queue of our ticketing system delaying the resolution. It is recommended to do follow-up over phone calls if you did not receive any emails from AFRINIC staff for more than 48 hours since your last email. 
  7. Provide the ticket number(if any) of your request when you call us on the phone numbers listed at
  8. Read the whole email sent to you by AFRINIC staff and the ticketing system. You will usually notice a lot of important information sent to you and the solution to your issues may already be provided therein.
  9. Be aware of the Contractual Obligation Check(COC) staff perform when handling your tickets. More details check
  10. Avoid re-opening old tickets while seeking support for new (unrelated to the old) tickets. This allows staff to better track and assists you.
  11. AFRINIC maintains confidential information, voluntarily submitted by its members when applying for service or Internet Number Resources



  • Documentation should be attached to the relevant forms to avoid delayed evaluation and support on your request.
  • We recommend attachments to be as .pdf, .png, .jpg or .zip in case you are compressing the information
  • We recommend that documentation is condensed in one document instead of several attachments to ease understanding and avoid confusion
  • Since the ticketing system might alter the formatting of your email, Attach spreadsheet or .pdf to your email instead of creating a table in your email body.


3.0 How does AFRINIC handle your request? 

The flowchart below depicts the ticket handling process that is followed by the AFRINIC staff members.

This flowchart depicts the ticket handling process that is followed by the AFRINIC staff members.





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